NSW – HENDRY building certifiers advise that under Building Regulations, a final fire safety certificate is issued upon completion of the building works or change of use or change of occupancy by the owner of the building specifying that the essential fire safety measures have been properly implemented and are capable of performing to a standard not less than that required by the fire safety schedule issued under a construction certificate.

The assessment of the essential fire safety measures under the building regulations must have been carried out within 3 months prior to the date on which the final fire safety certificate is issued. A copy of the final fire safety certificate must be forwarded to the Fire Commissioner of NSW Fire Brigades, and the owner must cause a copy of the final fire safety certificate, together with a current copy of the fire safety schedule to be prominently displayed for the occupiers in the building.

Building Legislation Table

Refer to our Building Legislation table for further information on the Complying Development Certificate process and EPAR.

Fire Safety Compliance: Essential Safety Measures

Refer to our Essential Safety Measures Identification Table for further information on individual essential safety measures including the Annual Fire Safety Statement.

Further Advice

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