AUST – Emergency Plan highlights a situation where the activation of a smoke detector prompted the occupants of an inner city building to be evacuated, with the exception of those in the basement who continued to work, oblivious to the alarm and the AS 3745-2010 specified emergency planemergency response procedures activities going on above them.

Whilst the requirements for an audible or visual alarm in a building’s basement will be governed by building regulations, contingency plans under AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’ to ensure a building’s basement is searched and evacuated during an emergency, should always be featured in the building’s emergency plan and implemented by the building’s Emergency Control Organisation.

Generally under AS 3745, the emergency plan for a basement should take into account:

Work Health Safety Legislation

Refer to our Work Health Safety Legislation Table for further statutory information on safe occupation of a building including area warden training and evacuation diagrams.

Further Advice

For advice on safe occupation of a building, please contact your closest Emergency Plan office by clicking here.