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VIC – A number of Essential Property Services clients ask us, what is the frequency of inspections for their essential services/ essential safety measures contained in their building which was built or altered pre- June 2005 under the Building Regulations and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).  The system prior to this date left a lot to be desired in terms of nomination of the essential services/ essential safety measures inspection and maintenance requirements.

The following essential services/ essential safety measures table is extracted from a previously issued Victorian Building Commission’s Practice Note.

Note: Note that it has been issued to building surveyors as ‘a guide’ in the nomination for essential services/ essential safety measures performance, nature and frequency of inspection or testing that are to be included in occupancy permits and maintenance determinations. An essential safety measures auditor  must be aware that any one of these essential safety measures could be installed in a building and required to be recorded in the essential safety measures logbook.

Pre June 2005 Essential Safety Measures

Item Essential Service to be inspected or tested Installation standards/ level of performance Nature of inspection or test, frequency
1 Air conditioning systems AS 1668 Monthly to AS 1851.6 AS 3666
2 Emergency lifts BCA E3.4, AS 1735.2 Weekly to Occupational Health and Safety (Plant) Regs 1995
3 Emergency lighting BCA Part E4, AS/ NZS 2293.1 6 monthly to AS/ NZS 2293.2
4 Emergency power supply BCA Spec G3 .8 6 monthly
5 Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems BCA E4.9, Spec E1.5, AS 2220 Monthly to AS 1851.10
6 Exit doors BCA Section D 3 monthly inspection to confirm exit doors are intact,
operational and fitted with conforming hardware
7 Exit signs BCA Part E4, AS/ NZS 2293.1 6 monthly to AS/ NZS 2293.2
8 Fire Brigade Connections BCA Vic H101.9, Vic H103, AS 1670 Weekly to AS 1851.8
9 Fire control centres  BCA Spec E1.8  Annual inspection
10 Fire control panels  BCA Vic H101.9, AS 4428.1  Weekly to AS 1851.8
11 Fire curtains  BCA Spec H1.3  Annual inspection
12 Fire dampers   AS 1682.2  Annual inspection
13 Fire detectors and alarm systems  AS 1670 Weekly to AS 1851.8
14 Fire doors (including signs)  BCA Spec C3.4, AS 1905.1  Monthly to AS 1851.7
15 Fire extinguishers (portable) BCA E1.6, AS 2444  6 monthly to AS 1851.1
16 Fire hose reels BCA E1.4 6 monthly to AS 1851.2

Fire Safety Compliance: Essential Safety Measures
Refer to our Essential Safety Measures Identification Table for further information on individual essential safety measures including the AESMR.

Building Legislation Table

Refer to our Building Legislation table for further information on the building surveying control process including the occupancy permit.

Further Advice

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