VIC – Emergency Plan advises that an Emergency Plan which is a compulsory document for secondary schools in Victoria, is not complete in accordance with the AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’, if it does not incorporate considerations for those requiring assistance or experience difficulty in responding to an emergency.

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) documents information and specific procedures for any occupant (i.e. staff member or student) who will or may require assistance in responding to an emergency. AS 3745 have distinguished that any person needing accompanying by an assistant, guide, companion animal, have an ambulatory disability, require wheeled mobility equipment, who are easily fatigued or experience high levels of anxiety in stressful/emergency related situations or are susceptible to extreme confusion should require a PEEP.

AS 3745 recommends a list of occupants requiring a PEEP to be kept in a suitable location easily accessible in an emergency, preferably the point from which the emergency is typically managed. PEEP’s must also be distributed to any person who is or may be responsible for its implementation.

Occupational Health & Safety Legislation

Refer to our Occupational Health & Safety Legislation Table for further statutory information on safe occupation of a building including evacuation fire procedures and evacuation diagrams.

Further Advice

For advice on safe occupation of a building, please contact your closest Emergency Plan office by clicking here.