QLD – Hendry building certifier advise that the Building Regulations 2006 allow for a building certifier to accept certificates known as Form 15 and Form 16 to help in the assessment of a building application and inspection of building work. The building certifier must determine whether a person is a competent person under the Building Regulations 2006.

The Building Services Authority (BSA) licenses competent persons in certain categories, the building certifier can utilise these BSA licenses for Form 15 and Form 16 certificates under the building regulations.

Form 15 Compliance Certificates: Building Design: Specification

The Compliance Certificate for Building Design or Specification a Form 15 is provided by a competent person providing design or specification help, certifying that a building design or specification will if installed or carried out under the certificate comply with the relevant building regulations.

Form 16 Inspection Certificate: Aspect Certificate: BSA License Aspect Certificate

The Inspection Certificate Form 16 is provided by a competent person providing inspection of building work confirmation. A Form 16 must be issued to the builder when a stage or aspect of building work is satisfactory. The building certifier must be given copies of all Form 16’s issued under a building regulations approval.

Building Legislation Table

Refer to our Building Legislation Table for further information on the development permit process.

Fire Safety Compliance: Fire Safety Installations

Refer to our Fire Safety Installations Identification Table for further information on individual Fire Safety Installations and the Annual Occupiers Statement.

Further Advice

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