AUST – HENDRY building surveyors are experiencing a number of facilities at final inspection where the ambulant toilet facilities are non-compliant due to the minimum width of 900 – 920mm not being achieved.

This seems to be a problem that both design and contractor need to be aware of in the documentation and project management stage. The problem being faced occurs when sheeting/wall finishes are not considered in the frame construction and as such when placed over the frame are reducing the overall width to less than the required 900mm. This is important to pick up at an early stage so that this non-compliance is picked up before it is too late and other alternatives impose additional costs to both the owner and project managers.

Ambulant toilet facilities are required when there is 1 or more banks of toilets provided. the ambulant facilities are a requirement under F2.4 of the BCA and dimensions are stipulated in AS1428.1.