AUST- Essential Property Services advises that artificial lighting is required to be provided in new buildings and buildings undergoing alterations as essential safety measures in accordance with clause F4.4 Artificial lighting of the Building Code of Australia and subsequently nominated as an essential safety measure in an occupancy permit, determination or schedule.

Building Code of Australia

The BCA requires artificial lighting to be provided in required stairways, passageways, exit paths and ramps. If natural lighting is insufficient due to occupation (night) and the use of the floor area then artificial lighting must be provided in all Class 2 to 9 buildings (apartments, flats, offices, facilities, warehouse and public buildings) for the use when seeking egress in an emergency.

Clause H1.7 requires in class 9b buildings (theatres) permanent aisle lighting (artificial lighting) for stepped or inclined floors when the normal lighting is dimmed.

The following is a part extract of Clause I1.1 Safety Measures which covers artificial lighting:

Safety MeasureBCA provisions for determining standard of performance
Artificial lighting required to assist
occupant movement and egress
F4.4, H1.7

Essential Safety Measures Audit

An essential safety measures auditor must be aware whether artificial lighting is nominated in the essential safety measure schedule/determination and upon what conditions the BCA and building regulations require application. The assessor must be aware of the requirements contained within AS/NZS 1680.0-2009 ‘Interior lighting – Safe movement’, before nominating rectification works in an essential safety measures logbook.

Building Legislation Table

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Fire Safety Compliance: Essential Safety Measures

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