AUST – HENDRY building surveyors advise facility and property managers that when engaging consultants or contractor to perform essential safety measures maintenance, a building audit, inspections or reports, be aware that there is an extremely important distinction to make between the levels of protection afforded by each.

In protecting yourself and the building owner, you should ensure contractors have professional indemnity insurance to adequately protect all parties if something goes wrong n their essential safety measures inspection or building audit.

A number of contractors (consultants) in the industry do not have professional indemnity insurance (or, if they do have it,they have insufficient cover i.e. certain inspection items excluded from their cover) and you will therefore be relying only upon their public liability insurance, which is not applicable. this is generally woefully inadequate, since once a contractor leaves you premises there is no protection against their faulty advice.

Both public and products liability policies will generally exclude any professional advice given – leaving you exposed. Your own insurance may insure you for some of your loss,  but rarely does such insurance protect you completely against poor advice in a essential safety measures inspection report. to ensure you have adequate protection it is essential you engage professionals with sufficient professional indemnity insurance by asking for written verification, i.e. current copies of certificates of currency, from their broker or insurance company before commissioning a consultant to perform a building audit.

Building Legislation Table

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Fire Safety Compliance: Essential Safety Measures

Refer to our Essential Safety Measures Identification Table for further information on individual essential safety measures including the Annual Statement.

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