VIC – HENDRY building surveyors recently completed an advice letter concerning a building owner’s request for a BCA Audit. The client was not yet at a stage to commission HENDRY to provide a BCA Audit (Building Code of Australia) as the necessary preliminary (essential) documentation was not available. We advised the client to seek the necessary building referees high rise award and all building permits issued to date.



Re: BCA Audit and Building Referees High Rise Award

Observations: – Inspection carried out on XXXXX 2011.

XXXXX office building was the former XXXXX headquarters, completed in 19XX at a cost of approximately $XX million. The building replaced a former XXXXX built in 1865 and was acquired by the XXXXX in 19XX and used it as its head office.

The building is a XX storey office building with a two level basement car park. In 19XX, XXXXX began falling from the building. This repair work took approximately XX years to complete.

The ground floor façade was altered in 19XX and 19XX for retail areas.

The main occupants of the building after the building was sold were XXXXX

Occupants of the building today are Levels 1 to XX – XXXXX, Levels XX to XX – XXXXX, Levels XX to XX XXXXX.

At the time this building was constructed, buildings built over 40 metres tall had a Building Referees High Rise Buildings Award.

The award covered items such as:

  • requiring public smoke-proof lobbies connecting at least one fire-isolated stair to the lift area,
  • fire and smoke proofing ducting passing through the lobby areas,
  • fire rating of stairs,
  • the location of certain services being located in an area to the satisfaction of the chief officer,
  • emergency telephones being located to the satisfaction of the chief officer,
  • the requirement for an emergency warning and intercommunication system complying with AS 2220,
  • the requirement for firemen’s emergency lifts,
  • and the testing of all systems appliances, mechanisms and devices in the building which are required in an emergency situation.

The building appears to have had a number of changes to the central lift smoke lobby compartmentation, owing to tenancy fit outs.


Hendry Group recommends the following,

  1. Determine if the building has a building referees high rise award issued by the Building Referees in the 19XX’s.
  2. Obtain all building permits for changes to the building especially tenancy fit outs.
  3. Collate all the information and obtain the services of the Hendry Group to move to the next phase which will be determined on the information collated.

Building Legislation Table

Refer to our Building Legislation table for further information on the building control process including the Certificate of Occupancy.

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