QLD – Essential Property Services asks – Do I need to change to the new standard for my routine servicing? All maintenance contracts for sites located in Queensland must by law be tested to AS 1851-2012 by 1st January 2015.

It is strongly recommended that building owners and their representatives (if applicable) have their fire protection equipment serviced to AS 1851-2012 as early as possible. This will enable building owners and occupants to meet their legislative and WHS obligations.

Is it compulsory to change to the new AS 1851-2012 standard?

To comply with recent amendments to the Queensland Development Code (QDC) Mandatory Part 6.1 (MP 6.1) – ‘Maintenance of Fire Safety Installations’, all sites serviced in Queensland must ensure they are serviced to AS 1851 – 2012 by 1 January 2015 at the latest.

General requirements:

  • AS 1851-2012 is a routine preventative maintenance standard only.
  • The Standard does not require fire protection systems to be upgraded.
  • The focus is on demonstrating that the fire protection equipment and systems installed in the building at the time of approval are still ‘fit for purpose’.
  • The frequency of fire protection equipment inspections has been reduced from weekly to monthly in some cases i.e sprinklers/pumps etc.
  • Requirements relating to passive fire protection have also been substantially revised.
  • The rewritten Standard introduces the requirement for ‘Baseline Data’ to be provided for any installed fire protection systems and equipment. This provides a benchmark performance level, so that subsequent periodic servicing activities results can be compared and determine whether the fire protection systems and equipment still operates to that intended level.
  • Systems interface testing now contains informative sections to better explain these requirements.