AUST – HENDRY disability access consultants advise of new signage requirements for disability access in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) 2013. Under BCA clause D3.6 (a)(ii), in a building required to be accessible, each entry or exit door that is required by E4.5 to be provided with an exit sign, must have braille and tactile signage that states:

(a) “Exit”

(b) “Level” followed by the floor level number

The signage must comply with Specification D3.6, such as being located between 1200mm to 1600mm above the floor, being on the egress side of the door and to be located on the wall on the latch side of the door between 50mm and 300mm from the architrave. Where this is not possible the sign be placed on the door.

The braille and tactile signage under E4.5 only has to be installed at the exit doors opening to the exit stairways, door from an exit stair opening to the street, horizontal exit and an exit door in a storey that is required to be provided with emergency lighting. the signage therefore typically does not have to be installed at doors in the path of travel to an exit even though these doors may have a directional exit sign above them.

Exit signage premises standard

HENDRY building surveying consultants can provide clients with an Existing Disability Access Approval prior to applying for a building permit.

Referenced Disability Access Standards

Refer to our list of Referenced Disability Access Standards for further information on disability access requirements.