QLD – HENDRY disability access consultants advise that many building owners and property managers will find themselves in the unenviable position of knowing that the disability access provisions of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) will have an immediate and direct impact on any proposed building works in their buildings, but not knowing exactly where they stand, or what is needed. Advice from building certifiers may be required before applying for a building approval.

While full and complete Disability Access compliance might be a desired outcome, the reality is that many building owners would benefit immensely from knowing their building’s present disability access compliance position from our building certifiers, and having a costed disability access compliance program from which to plan and proceed toward future full compliance.

HENDRY building certifiers provide a complete range of design assessment, inspection, reporting, disability access audits, alternative solution and evaluation services designed to enable and empower building owners in relation to planning for the Disability Access requirements of the BCA.

Expert Witness : Building Expert Witness

HENDRY building certifiers are called upon to represent clients in all aspects relative to buildings and property as a building expert witness. Acting as expert witnesses, HENDRY building certifiers bring a depth of knowledge of building, construction, property, building regulations, Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards, fire safety installations and costings to assist clients’ needs in all forums within the legal jurisdiction in Queensland. Our representations have included Statutory Tribunals, Civil and Administrative Tribunals, Building Commission, various Tribunals and Courts.

Fire Safety Installations

HENDRY company Essential Property Services (EPS) provides a complete and independent Fire Safety Installations inspection and auditing service to suit client’s buildings in Queensland under the BFSR. These services enable property managers and owners to have the assurance that their buildings are safe, and meet their fire safety installations obligations.

Where needed, HENDRY building certifiers and EPS staff work collaboratively to provide a comprehensive suite of complementary building consultancy services for clients in Queensland and across all states and territories. For more information on these essential safety measure services, click on the following link Essential Property Services.

Referenced Disability Access Standards

Refer to our list of Referenced Disability Access Standards for further information on disability access requirements.

Building Legislation Table

Refer to our Building Legislation table for further information on the building control process.

Further Advice

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