AUST – Emergency Plan was requested by a logistics company to prepare an emergency plan and evacuation diagrams for their large warehouse building under AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’.

The client’s existing emergency plan and evacuation diagrams were outdated to the extent that they did not include recent building alterations and a first floor extension. The emergency plan needed a complete revision to comply with AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’.

Building owners, property managers and tenants should realise that any building works occurring in a building that offsets the information contained on the evacuation diagrams or emergency procedures, requires the evacuation diagrams to be upgraded and re-issued expeditiously.

The client requested the evacuation diagrams to be provided in A3 size and in landscape presentation, an example of which follows:



(Note: Various symbols and indicators on evacuation signs under BFSR and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) vary to those nominated in AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’. If requested dual compliance with BFSR and AS 3745-2010, then BFSR symbols would take precedence and then followed by AS 3745-2010 for the symbols – indicators not included in the BFSR).

Work Health Safety Legislation

Refer to our Work Health Safety Legislation Table for further statutory information on safe occupation of a building including the Emergency Control Organisation.