AUST – Essential Property Services advises that a number of building owners and managers are incurring penalty fines from municipal councils (building surveyors) when performing an essential safety measures inspection for not maintaining fire doors in accordance with AS 18510-2005Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment’, (fire door inspections) Section 17 ‘Passive Fire and Smoke Containment Systems’. Some of these fire doors can never be maintained in accordance with the maintenance standard. Building surveyors issue maintenance conditions in a determination/ schedule of the completion of building works.

Fire door inspections reveal that a lot fire doors have not been installed in accordance with AS/ NZS 1905.1 -2005 ‘Components for the protection of openings in fire-resistant walls: Fire – resistant doorsets’, the fire door installation standard.

It is essential for property managers in ensuring the protection of the building owners’ interests, to demand a copy of the fire door certificate that has been issued by the installation contractor/ installer.

These are mandatory certificates required to be issued under AS 1905-1 by the installer of the fire doors, to the owner or owner’s agent (usually the builder).  This will enable the builder and contractor to be held accountable in the event of non-compliance and building surveyors require these certificates prior to issuing the Occupancy Permit.  Reliance on an effective maintenance regime under AS 1851 fire door inspections will reduce the owners’ protection if the fire door was originally installed contrary to the AS 1905-1.

Fire Safety Compliance: Essential Safety Measures

Refer to our Essential Safety Measures identification table for further information on individual Essential Safety Measures and fire door compliance under the building regulations.