Building Regulations: BCA: Format and Numbering

AUST – Hendry advise that the following terminology relevant to the formatting and numbering used in various Building Regulations and the Building Code of Australia (BCA) will help those people in their understanding on how to communicate verbally and in written communications relative to the Building Regulations and the BCA (Building Legislation).

Format and Numbering

In accordance with modern legislative drafting practice, each separate provision or requirement in Building Regulations or similar (Building Fire Safety Regulations in Queensland) is called a “Regulation”. The numbering system and terminology in building regulations is therefore set out in an example as follows:

8.1 means Regulation 1 in Part 8
8.1 (1) means sub-regulation (1) in Regulation 8.1
8.1 (1)(a) means paragraph (a) in sub-regulation 8.1 (1)
8.1 (1)(a)(i) means sub-paragraph (i) in paragraph 8.1 (1)(a)

At the rear of most state building regulations are “Forms”. The Forms are examples of the notices that are required to be served by appropriate people as nominated in the building regulations.

Australian Standards are referred to in the building regulations by number only. Specific identification of each Standard with respect to year of publication and up to date amendments etc., is available by reference to BCA Volume One Specification A1.3 (and Volume Two, Part 1.4) or possibly in a Note at the rear of the building regulations.

Headings to Parts and Divisions form part of the legal document, whereas footnotes and the index and headings to building regulations and sub-regulations do not form part of the legal document. They are only there for assistance.

The BCA Volume One in turn is divided into Sections (A-J), Parts and Clauses, e.g.

CO1 means Objective 1 in Part C
CF1 means Functional Statement 1 in Part C
CP1 means Performance Requirement 1 in Part C
CV1 means Verification Method 1 in Part C
C1 mean Part 1 of Section C
C1.1 means Clause 1 of Part C1
C1.1(a) means sub-clause (a) of Clause C1.1
C1.1(a)(i) means paragraph (i) of sub-clause C1.1(a).

A number of BCA Clauses call up Specifications with the corresponding Clause number for more detailed provisions.

BCA Volume Two is divided into Sections 1, 2 and 3 being Section 1 – General, Section 2 – Performance Provisions and Section 3 – Acceptable Construction. Sections are divided into Parts.

O2.1 means Objective 1 in Part 2.1
F2.1 means Functional Statement 1 in Part 2.1
P2.1 means Performance Requirement 1 in Part 2.1
Part 3.1 means Part 1 of Section 3
Part 3.1.1 means Part 1 of Part 3.1 is the first clause in Part 3.1.1