AUST – Essential Property Services advises that the Building Code of Australia nominates the installation of fire doors, and nominates where fire doors and smoke doors require release control in an emergency. AS 1670.1-2004 ‘Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems – System design and commissioning – Fire’ is nominated for compliance. Fire door inspections are to be performed under AS 1851-2005.

The following illustration is from BCA Illustrated. Where the access path (paths of travel to exits) on both sides of fire doors is not protected by smoke detectors in accordance with AS 1670.1, smoke detector(s) shall be installed in line with the centre of the fire doors opening no less than 300mm and no more than 1.5m from the wall section above the door.

The installation of fire doors must comply with AS 1905.1-2005 ‘Components for the protection of openings in fire – resistant walls – Fire Resistant door sets’ and maintenance of fire doors and fire door inspections in accordance with AS 1851-2005 ‘Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment’, which covers fire doors and fire door inspections.

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Fire Safety Compliance: Essential Safety Measures

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