NT – Essential Property Services assists property managers in the education of their stakeholders (clients and occupiers) for their respective obligations under their fire safety measures provisions contained in the Building Legislation.

Our clients are provided with documentation from our office which they are able to rebadge and send to the building owner and each tenant in a building.

The following is an example covering letter and an explanation report designed to make the building owner and tenant aware of their obligation:

The Tenant/ Occupier

RE: Fire Safety Measures Audits

Essential Property Services (EPS) has been engaged by XXXX to undertake inspection of the passive fire safety measures and audit the maintenance and testing of any active fire safety measures in the building you occupy or lease, for example:

  • Exit signs/ emergency lights
  • Fire extinguishers, Fire hydrants
  • Fire hose reels, Fire sprinkler systems
  • Mechanical ventilation systems
  • Other measures noted in ‘equipment and safety installations summary’ below that may be installed in your premises.

Basic Inspection Requirements

  • EPS to undertake an inspection of exits, doors and paths of travel from premises.
  • EPS to undertake an inspection of fire resistant structures and elements at the premises.
  • EPS to undertake an audit of any logbooks onsite relating to Essential Safety Measures.

Annual Fire Safety Statement

Upon compiling reports and audit results EPS will issue the Annual Fire Safety Statement by the relevant contractual anniversary date for the building.

Part of EPS’s role is to provide a Statement.  To facilitate this it is necessary for EPS to undertake a passive fire safety measures building inspection and verify the details of the other contractors that inspect and test the active fire safety measures.

To assist with the collection of information relating to the maintenance and testing of the active fire safety measures please ensure that any records that you may have at your premises relating to fire safety measures are made available to the EPS building assessors that are engaged to routinely inspect your premises.

The EPS assessors will give to you a letter and request to provide certain information about the contractors that provide maintenance and testing services relative to fire safety measures that exist at your premises.  This document needs to be completed and sent back to the offices of EPS or if information is available can be given to the EPS assessors at the time of the site inspection.

Yours sincerely,

Essential Property Services.


Fire Safety Compliance: Fire Safety Measures

Refer to our Fire Safety Measures Identification table for further information on individual Fire Safety Measures.