AUST – Essential Property Services advises that the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in Clause C3.5 Doorways in fire walls requires a hold open fire doors to close automatically upon the activation of a smoke detector or other detector deemed suitable under AS 1670.1-2004 ‘Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems – System design and commissioning – Fire’. Fire door inspections are to be performed under AS 1851-2005.

The following illustration from BCA Illustrated depicts the automatic closing operation of both fire doors separating fire compartments 1 and 2 must be initiated upon the activation of a smoke detector in either compartment or upon the activation of the sprinkler system in fire compartment 2.

The installation of fire doors must comply with AS 1905.1-2005 ‘Components for the protection of openings in fire – resistant walls – Fire Resistant door sets’ and maintenance of fire doors and fire door inspections in accordance with AS 1851-2005 ’Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment’, which covers fire doors and fire door inspections.

Fire Safety Compliance: Essential Safety Measures

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