QLD – HENDRY building certifiers advise building owners and managers of restrictions under the building regulations system contained in the Building Act 1975 relating to compliance with the certificate of classification for new buildings and works associated with alterations stemming from a building approval.

Where a certificate of classification under the Building Act 1975 has been issued for a building or building alterations and there are restrictions noted or alternative solutions specified the owner must ensure the requirements of the certificate of classification are complied with.

If the building work uses a building solution within the meaning of the Building Code of Australia (BCA), restricting the use or occupation of the building the relevant building certifier will state the restriction on the certificate of classification.

Examples of restrictions on a Certificate of Classification:

A restriction may be placed on the number of persons to occupy the building.  Number of people accommodated could affect the dimensions of exits and paths of travel to exits and types of door hardware installed.

  • An alternative solution may require additional testing for a fire system above the minimum standard normally required.

It is imperative that owners and managers ensure that their buildings are being occupied by their tenants in accordance with the certificate of classification as stipulated in Building Act 1975, as substantial penalties apply for non compliance.  Additionally the risk of litigation against owners if something did go wrong in the building where the restrictions of the certificate of classification are ignored e.g. fire safety installations compliance.

Building Legislation Table

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