AUST – Emergency Plan advises that AS 3745 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’ recommends that occupants with a disability are equipped with a personal emergency evacuation plan as part of the overall emergency plan.

The AS 3745 personal emergency evacuation plan is a practical measure to ensure appropriate, agreed actions are taken for the individual in an emergency. While many people are willing to assist others in emergencies, it is best practice for the level of assistance – if any – requested by the individual is planned out well before any emergency occurs. This gives the individual respect, confidence and appropriate assistance, while allowing the Emergency Control Organisation to allocate the level of resources required under AS 3745.

The sample personal emergency evacuation plans provided in an appendix to AS 3745 includes:

  • Details of the person’s name and location
  • Information on Assistance animals
  • Preferred method of receiving updates to the facility emergency response procedures
  • Preferred method for notification of emergency
  • Type of assistance or equipment required
  • Egress procedures planned for this individual
  • Any designated assistants and contact details in case of any emergency.

An evacuation diagram or evacuation sign of the preferred route for personal emergency evacuation plan is also included.

Wardens should meet with people with disabilities in their area to prepare an AS 3745 personal emergency evacuation plan using the template. The completed plan should be submitted to the Emergency Planning Committee to include in the Emergency Plan for the facility and they should, in turn, decide to disseminate the plan to wardens in the area of the individual.

Occupiers should consider commissioning a consultant (Emergency Plan) to assist in preparing a personal emergency evacuation plans and the rest of your facility’s Emergency Plan.

Work Health Safety Legislation

Refer to our Work Health Safety Legislation Table for further statutory information on safe occupation of a building including emergency control procedures.