AUST – Essential Property Services advises that the Building Code of Australia (BCA) allows a wall-wetting sprinkler system (essential safety measures) to be installed to provide fire protection to walls or openings in a wall in the event of a fire. A wall-wetting sprinkler system can be used internally or externally and would be nominated as an essential safety measure by the building surveyor/ certifier.

Building Code of Australia

Part G3 ‘Protection of Openings’, clause C3.4 ‘Acceptable methods of protection’, nominates the use of wall-wetting sprinklers. No specific Australian Standard is referenced in the BCA relative to the installation of a wall-wetting sprinkler system. Building surveyors require designers to refer to AS 2118.2-2010 ‘Automatic fire sprinkler systems – Drencher systems’ for guidance.

The following part extract from clause I1.1 Safety Measures covers wall-wetting sprinklers:


Safety measure BCA provisions for determining standard of performance
Wall-wetting sprinklers (including doors and windows required in conjunction with wall wetting sprinklers) C3.4, C3.8, C3.11
D1.7, D1.8, G3.8

Essential Safety Measures Audit

 An essential safety measures schedule/ determination will nominate a wall-wetting sprinkler system as an essential safety measure. An auditor should check the system and report any deficiencies in the building’s essential safety measures logbook.

Building Legislation Table

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