NSW – HENDRY building certifiers advises that under the Environment Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EPAA), Part 4A Certificates, allows for an application for a Compliance Certificate confirming that specified and approved building works or aspects of a development are acceptable, or to obtain a classification of a building under the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Building Regulations.

A compliance certificate can be issued for the following:

  • Specified building work or subdivision work has been completed as specified in the certificate and complies with specified plans and specifications.
  • A condition with respect to specified building work or subdivision work (being a condition attached to a development consent or complying development certificate) has been duly complied with.
  • A specified building or proposed building has a specified classification identified in accordance with the Building Code of Australia.
  • Any specified aspect of development complies with the requirements of any other provisions prescribed by the regulations.
  • Any specified aspect of development (including design of development) complies with standards or requirements specified in the certificate with aspects to the development.

Building Legislation Table

Refer to our Building Legislation table for further information on the building control process.