QLD – HENDRY building certifiers advise that owners of buildings, tenants and property managers must realise that when a building certifier issues a Certificate of Classification, that the Certificate of Classification is evidence that the building is suitable for occupation.

It must be noted under Section 101 of the Building Act 1975 that the issuing of the Certificate of Classification by the building certifier is not evidence that the building complies (only occupation suitability) with the Building Act 1975, Building Regulations 2006 and the Building Code of Australia. The Act states in Part 2 Certificate of classification for other buildings:

Part 2             Certificates of classification for other buildings

Division 1       Preliminary

100      Application of pt 2

This part applies to a building certifier for a building development approval who is a local government building certifier or a private certifier (class A), unless the building is—

(a) a single detached class 1a building;

(b) a class 10 building or structure.

101      Meaning of substantially completed

(1) A building has been substantially completed when—

(a)   all wet areas are waterproof as required under the building assessment provisions; and

(b)   reticulated water is connected to and provided throughout the building; and

(c)   all sanitary installations are installed as required under the building assessment provisions; and

(d)   the local government has issued a compliance certificate under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 stating the plumbing work, drainage work and on-site sewerage work for the building has been completed under that Act; and

(e)   all fire safety installations are operational and installed as required under the building assessment provisions;

(f)   all health and safety matters relating to the building comply with the building assessment provisions; and

(g)   electricity supply is connected to the building to the extent necessary for it to be used under the BCA classification sought; and

(h)   the building is weatherproof as required under the building assessment provisions; and

(i)    the building is structurally adequate as required under the building assessment provisions; and

(j)    all means of access and egress to the building comply with the building assessment provisions; and

(k)   if the relevant development approval includes conditions advised or required by a referral agency and the conditions are about the building work for the building—the conditions have been complied with.

(2) In this section—

     building includes alterations to all or part of an existing building.

Building Legislation Table

Refer to our Building Legislation table for further information on the building control process.