AUST – HENDRY building surveyors advise that the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in Part C2 Compartmentation and Separation contains clause C2.2 general floor and volume limitations. A number of  HENDRY building surveying design clients appear to need help in the explanation of this clause relative to fire compartmentation.

Building Code of Australia: Part C2 – Issue

What are the BCA options relating to type of construction and fire compartmentation for a mixed use 2 storey building?

Building Code of Australia: Part C- Explanation

Where a two storey building, which could otherwise be of type “C” construction, exceeds the fire compartment limits for type “C” construction, the following three solutions are available. The first solution requires the building to be compartmented. The definition of fire compartment allows the use of floors and walls to achieve this. The second solution is to increase the type of construction to either a type “B” or type “A”  where the whole building is a single compliant fire compartment, where a higher type of construction is adopted the FRL’s applying will be those which have the highest FRL relative to the uses in the building. The third solution is to have a mixed construction which is separated pursuant to C2.7

The following illustration from BCA Illustrated depicts a solution for type C construction, type B construction and for mixed construction.

BCA Illustrated

BCA Illustrated contains 112 illustrations (each containing an issue, explantion, references and an illustration) in Part C2 – Compartmentation and Separation (fire compartmentation)

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