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QLD – HENDRY building certifiers need to remind clients in Queensland of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) change to the Sound insulation requirements in 2009. BCA 2009 in Queensland included a deletion of Qld variation (Volume 2) and F5.2 (Volume 1) to the sound insulation requirements. BCA 2009 requires a minimum rating for Rw + Ctr of 50 in lieu of the minimum of Rw 45 as required in previous BCA Volumes. The deletion of the Queensland Variation brings Queensland’s acoustic requirements in line with other states and Territories (excluding the Northern Territory).

Previous requirements in Queensland only included sound ratings with an Rw rating. Requirements now include an Rw rating plus Ctr which covers low frequency type of sounds such as sound produced by surround sound systems, traffic, aircraft noise, or similar. It is important to note the change as previous designs that may have achieved a compliant Rw rating, may not comply with the required Rw + Ctr rating of 50. An example of this may include a standard blockwork wall separating units that included 13mm render on each sides to achieve the 45 Rw rating. This separating wall may now require a more extensive internal lining system to achieve the minimum Rw + Ctr level, or alternatively a different type of block used. Therefore it is important to specify the correct construction method and detail for the separating wall and to confirm compliance with the manufacturer prior to finalising design under the BCA.

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