QLD – Essential Property Services advises building owners and managers that the Certificates of Classification must be displayed in most commercial buildings in Queensland (fire safety installations protocols). The Department of Infrastructure and Planning Building Queensland advises that Certificates of Classification are to be displayed in Queensland commercial buildings completed on or since 1 July 1997.

Section 108A of the Building Act 1975, which applies to class 1b to 9 buildings will require a certificate of classification to be on display as near as practical to the main entrance of a building, where a certificate of classification was given on or after 1 July 1997. Only one certificate will need to be on display in each building. If an owner does not know of the requirement or may need to obtain a copy of the certificate of classification, local government and QFRS officers may grant a reasonable time for the owner to produce and display the certificate of classification.

Note: Buildings constructed before 1 July 1997 are exempt from the requirement to display the Certificate of Classification, however, it does not preclude them from maintaining a copy onsite if one does exist for a particular building.

Owners should ensure that the Certificate of Classification for their building is valid and accurate especially in regards to the Prescribed Fire Safety Installations or fire engineered solutions contained within the building. Any alterations, fit outs or re-classifications that effect the fire safety installations within the building should go through the building approval process and an updated Certificate of Classification issued by an approved building certifier be displayed at the entrance of the building.

Building Legislation Table

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