QLD – Emergency Plan advises building owners, property and body corporate managers within Queensland have legislative obligations with regards to providing each facility with a Fire and Evacuation Plan and retain hardcopies onsite with other fire safety documentation including the Evacuation Co-ordination Procedures and Evacuation Signs.

The Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 Part 4 Evacuation planning, instruction and practice Division 2 requires that building owners, property and body corporate managers within Queensland ensure they prepare a Fire and Evacuation Plan that includes following supplementary requirements.

Fire and evacuation plan to include and reflect fire safety management procedure

1) This applies if building work for a building involved an alternative solution for a relevant performance requirement that includes a fire safety management procedure as a condition of the occupation and use of the building.  e.g.

  • a limitation on the use of finishes with fire hazard properties as defined under the Building Code of Australia
  • a prohibition on storing hazardous materials above a stated height
  • a limitation on storing or using stated materials
  • a requirement that all of a building’s final exit doors be unlocked before it is occupied on the start of any day
  • a requirement to implement stated evacuation strategies or procedures
  • a restriction on the number and the distribution of a building’s occupants
  • a requirement that evacuation routes be kept clear of fittings and furnishings or be kept sterile
  • a prohibition on carrying out any hazardous processes or storage mentioned in BCA, part E1.5, table E1.5, note 3, paragraph (a)

2) (2) The occupier of the building must ensure that:

  • a record of the fire safety management procedure is included in the building’s fire and evacuation plan (evacuation diagram); and
  • the plan adequately reflects the procedure.

Relevant approval documents to be with fire and evacuation plan

1) The occupier of a building must keep all relevant approval documents for the building, or copies of the documents, with the building’s fire and evacuation plan. Examples are as follows;

  • a list of required fire safety installations for the building and
  • required special fire services applying to the building work
  • a statement under the Building Act, section 68A or other supporting
  • document for a building development application, about an
  • alternative solution that includes a condition for occupation and use of the building

Failure to provide the above requirements as a supplement to the  Fire and Evacuation Plan will be classed as an infringement of state fire safety legislation and will incur a monetary penalty.

Building Legislation Table

Refer to our Building Legislation table for further information on the building control process.