WA – HENDRY building surveyors advises the building permit process introduced by the Building Act 2011 on 1 January 2012 is designed to offer a more streamlined approvals process for certified building permit application. This will be achieved under Section 23 of the Building Act 2011, which requires a Permit Authority to issue a Building Permit within 10 days of receipt of a certified building permit application.

It is important to know that the granting of a building permit by the Permit Authority within this prescribed 10 day period hinges on the application meeting the requirements specified under section 20 of the Building Act 2011. This section states that a certified building permit application is required to satisfy the Permit Authority that:

a) The application has been made in the approved form;
b) The nominated builder is suitably registered;
c) The accompanying certificate of design compliance is in the approved form;
d) The Building Surveyor that signed the certificate of design compliance is suitably registered and independent;
e) Any accompanying technical certificates are signed by suitable specialists and issued through a registered contractor or authority;
f) Consent of the adjoining property owner or a court order has been obtained to authorise a property boundary encroachment;
g) Home Indemnity Insurance has been obtained, if required;
h) Professional indemnity or other insurance cover, where required, has been obtained;
i) The Building Services Levy has been paid;
j) The BCITF Levy has been paid;
k) The proposal complies with heritage requirements or orders;
l) The applicant has obtained all required prior approvals such as Planning, Health, FESA compliance;
m) The applicant has complied with prior approvals and other written laws prescribed in the Building Regulations 2012;
n) The proposal complies with local government policies, that are not written laws, such as crossovers, drainage etc; and
o) The necessary notifications have been given to utilities such as water, electricity and gas suppliers.

The Permit Authority will not be carrying out a Building Code of Australia assessment for a certified building permit application, nor will they be reviewing the certificate of design compliance. The design will already have been verified by a contracted Building Surveyor, who ideally would have been engaged at the schematic design phase of the project, to ensure that full design compliance is a smooth and efficient process.

An uncertified building permit application for a Class 1 or 10 building/structure will be referred to a Building Surveyor by the Permit Authority for an assessment in accordance with the Building Code of Australia, which is to be carried out within 25 days. The uncertified building permit application will also need to satisfy matters ‘a’ through ‘o’ above. Hendry Building Surveying Consultants can provide you advice in these matters.

Building Legislation Table

Refer to our Building Legislation table for further information on the building control process.