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QLD – Emergency Plan advises that building owners, property and body corporate managers withinQueensland have legislative obligations with regards to providing each facility with Evacuation Co-ordination Procedures and retain hardcopies onsite with other fire safety documentation including the Fire & Evacuation Plan and Evacuation Signs.

The Building Fire Safety Regulations (BFSR) 2008 Part 4 Evacuation planning, instruction and practice Division 1 Preliminary Subdivision 1 Interpretation requires that building owners, property and body corporate managers within Queensland ensure they prepare an Evacuation Co-ordination Procedures containing information pertaining to the actions required to be taken in the event of a fire or hazardous materials emergency.

Evacuation Coordination Procedures

1) Alerting, and communicating with, persons in the building, i.e. procedures for using intercommunication devices, public address systems and messengers to alert and communicate with persons during an evacuation.

2) Alerting the fire service, including using manually operated fire alarms.

3) Arranging the evacuation of persons with special needs, members of the public and other persons in the building to a designated assembly area for the building using the evacuation diagrams; and

4) Checking whether all persons have been evacuated from the building, i.e.

  • Taking a roll call of known occupants of the building or a part of the building.
  • Asking members of the public evacuated from a building about the number and identity of persons who were in the building and have not been accounted for.

5) Informing the evacuation coordinator for the building of—

  • The number of persons evacuated; and
  • The number and identity of any persons not accounted for.

6) Meeting the fire officers attending the building in response to the fire or emergency evacuation at a suitable place stated in the fire and evacuation plan  for the building.

This is to be a separate part of the overall Fire and Evacuation Plan for the building to supplement, not replace the need for a Fire and Evacuation Plan failure to have an Evacuation Co-ordination Procedures will be classed as an infringement of State fire safety legislation (such as the BFSR) and will incur a monetary penalty.

Building Legislation Table

Refer to our Building Legislation table for further information on the building control process.