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QLD – HENDRY building certifiers remind owners, facility managers and body corporations that pool safety laws are enforced under the Queensland Development Code. A pool safety certificate must be issued by a licensed pool safety inspector when selling, buying or leasing a property with a pool under the Queensland Development Code.  These certificates are valid for 1 year where a pool is “shared” (situated within a common or group title) and 2 years for a “non- shared” pool (situated on the allotment of a stand alone dwelling or townhouse).

The  Queensland Development Code allows Licensed Building Surveyors to automatically qualify as pool safety inspectors therefore our Brisbane office receives calls for this service from agents and owners.

The pool safety certificate must be obtained before settlement of a contract or a notice of no pool safety certificate (form 36) in the  Queensland Development Code must be issued before settlement advising the buyer that a pool safety certificate must be obtained within 90 days of settlement.

The  Queensland Development Code allows a phase-in period of 6 months to gain a pool safety certificate for a shared pool and 2 years for a non shared pool.

  • All pools in Queensland both new and existing must be upgraded to meet the new pool safety standards within 5 years.
  • All pools in Queensland must be included on the pool safety register.
  • Pool fences are mandatory for all portable pools and spas with a capacity to have a depth of 300mm or greater.

MP3.4 of the Queensland Development Code replaces all eleven (11) previous pool safety standards. MP 3.4 calls up Australian Standards 1926.1 (2007) and 1926.2 (2007).