AUST – HENDRY Disability Access Consultants are experts in BCA Disability Access Audits leading to building approvals and building certifications. Our disability access audits are performed by our building certifiers, who are statutory registered across the whole of Australia to issue permits/approvals for all disability access code provisions contained in the Premises Standards and replicated in each state and territories building regulations as nominated in the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Development Permits – Building Approvals – Disability Access Audits

Our disability access consultants are specialists in disability access audits and the certification of proposed new building works and alterations to existing buildings in particular, with all the Disability Access Code provisions now contained in the Building Code of Australia.

Our Disability Access Services include:

  • Independent disability access checking and assessment of designs and plans for new buildings, plans for upgrades, extensions, refurbishments and alterations for existing buildings that require a building permit, building licence, building approval or construction certificate, including disability access audits.
  • Reporting of disability access non-compliance design issues, and liaison with architects, designers, building owners and managers during disability access audits, to achieve compliance outcomes, joint disability access audits.
  • Adjudication on performance based alternative solutions to seek an alternative to the deemed to comply provisions of the BCA.
  • Assist other professionals on disability access audits and design advice, preparation of alternate solutions and joint disability access audits.

HENDRY Disability Access Consultants are well versed in disability access audits and all statutory control disability access provisions affecting existing buildings and proposed buildings.

Building Legislation Table

Refer to our Building Legislation table for further information on the building control process.