AUST – Emergency Plan advises that AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’, has a term describing the documentation recommended for dealing with emergencies. Previously, the terms ‘emergency response procedures’ or ‘fire and evacuation plans’ have been used and still are part of the current vernacular.

The Emergency Plan documents ‘the organisational arrangements, systems, strategies and procedures relating to the response and management of emergencies’ (AS 3745-2010 Clause 3.1). As such, it addresses issues such as emergency prevention, and preparedness and mitigation, and establishes the framework for response, such as the roles of the Emergency Control Organisation.

One significant part of the Emergency Plan is the Emergency Response Procedures, which still detail the response to specific emergencies and the procedure to evacuate.

This part of the Emergency Plan is appropriate to be distributed to members of the Emergency Control Organisation, as decided by the Emergency Planning Committee. The Emergency Planning Committee must also conduct a careful risk analysis of the events that may reasonably lead to emergencies and ensure a procedure for each is covered in the Emergency Response Procedures.

There are other components that collectively form the Emergency Plan under AS 3745. One significant part is the introduction of mandatory signs (known as Evacuation Diagrams), that the Emergency Planning Committee will use to inform the occupants of evacuation and emergency information. Evacuation Diagrams need to be customised to each floor or area, and therefore need to be kept up to date as buildings and safety equipment change.

Another part of the Emergency Plan is the individual Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans required by AS 3745, that are created for each person with a disability. This plan prepares the person and the wardens so that appropriate action is taken to ensure their safety. Like the entire Emergency Plan process, the very process of preparing a PEEP will enhance safety.

Professional assistance with these requirements is at hand, and Emergency Plan can provide these services individually, or as a complete emergency planning compliance package under AS 3745.

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