AUST – Hendry advises the first most property owners and property professionals know about essential safety measures is when they are nominated on a statutory document requiring the owner (and tenant in some states) to ensure the essential safety measure is inspected, tested and maintained to a nominated level, (especially where tenants have altered a building) in accordance with Essential Safety Measures Schedules.

All stakeholder’s should be careful to ensure that the authorities (building surveyor’s) essential safety measures schedule is accurate and correct. You may wish to check:

  • the correct Australian Standard is being nominated.
  • the required frequency of inspections concurs with statutory requirements.
  • minor tenancy works may affect the whole building, thus causing a rise in maintenance costs for the whole building.
  • to see if an agreed performance basis can be reached for certain essential safety measures, thus reducing costs.
  • have all the essential safety measures being listed accurately.

If the builder has a 12 month warranty period make sure an independent inspection/ audit of the essential safety measures is made prior to making the last payment. Significant items can be overlooked in the first 12 months requiring rectification works after the builder has been paid out, especially when the builder has commissioned maintenance and inspection contractors within this period.