WA – Emergency Plan advises that in Western Australia under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 and the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996, the employer, main contractor, self-employed person or person having control of the workplace, or control of the access to or egress from a workplace, must ensure evacuation diagrams are present including:

  • Emergency evacuation procedures (emergency response procedures) in the event of fire or other emergency have been developed, are in place and where practicable, clearly and prominently displayed;
  • Where practicable, a diagram (evacuation diagram) showing workplace exits is clearly and prominently displayed;
  • The evacuation procedure (emergency response exercises) is practised at regular intervals at the workplace;
  • Fire prevention measures (essential safety measures) and maintained control equipment are provided within the workplace;
  • Appropriate training is provided to those persons who would be required to help control or extinguish (first attack fire fighting) a fire at the workplace;
  • The means of access to and egress from (essential safety measures) the workplace are kept free of obstructions at all times to enable all persons to move safely including during emergencies.

These Western Australian legislative requirements are broadly in line with Australian Standard AS 3745-2010, and in order for the person/s having control of the workplace, or control of the access to or egress from a workplace to fulfil these legislative requirements, current industry  ‘best practice’ is to comply with the requirements of ‘Australian Standard AS 3745 – 2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities’.

Due to workplace changes in emergency planning personnel or workplace refurbishment, many workplaces find themselves in need of updating their evacuation diagrams. These evacuation diagrams have a review date that trigger a reassessment of workplace needs and whether they adequately represent the current workplace situation for emergency planning needs.

An example of an evacuation diagram follows:

(Note: Various symbols and indicators on evacuation signs under the BFSR and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service vary to those nominated in AS 3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities. If requested dual compliance with BFSR and AS 3745-2010, then BFSR symbols would take precedence and then followed by AS 3745-2010 for the symbols – indicators not included in the BFSR).