AUST – Various Australian Standards for the maintenance of active prescribed essential safety measures have reporting instructions, generally provided for by the requirement of an on site Specialist Maintenance Contractor logbook. These Specialist Maintenance Contractor  logbooks form the basis in turn, for the preparation of the mandatory Annual Essential Safety Measures Report.

One of the auditing services Essential Property Services provides for building owners or managers is the availability of a comprehensive assessment of the essential safety measures, detailed in the Specialist Maintenance Contractor logbook.

Performing an audit of the Specialist Maintenance Contractors logbooks by an independent person ensures that the contractors’ services are being provided in accordance with the contract, thereby ensuring that the requirements of the Annual Essential Safety Measures Report are met and that the interests of the building owner and manager are safeguarded.

Clients should be aware that the following active essential safety measures require reporting systems or Specialist Maintenance Contractor logbooks to be provided:

Air conditioning systems
Alarm systems
Atrium smoke control
Building occupant warning system
Carpark mechanical ventilation
Emergency lifts
Emergency lighting
Emergency power supply
Emergency warning and intercommunication systems
Exit signs
Fire brigade connections
Fire control centres
Fire control panels
Fire curtains
Fire dampers
Fire detectors
Fire doors
Fire extinguishers (portable)
Fire hose reel
Fire hydrants
Fire mains
Fire-rated access panels
Fire shutters
Fire windows
Mechanical ventilation systems
Smoke control measures
Smoke doors
Smoke vents
Sound and intercom system
Sprinkler systems
Stairwell pressurization systems
Wall wetting sprinklers
A number of the above essential safety measures appear in Australian Standard AS 1851-2005 Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment. This Standard requires a reporting system (or logbooks) to verify that inspections and maintenance works by Specialist Maintenance Contractors have occurred.