Hendry is Australia’s leading, nationally based built-form advisory firm. An authority on risk mitigation, statutory compliance, asset optimisation and future-proofing, combined with our expertise in technology and innovation, we provide an integrated, whole of life approach, to safeguard your asset portfolio.

On the ground in all major cities around Australia, our clients benefit from a national scale, with localised expertise. Our national footprint is complemented by an in-house, multi-disciplined team of over 200 of the most capable and qualified professionals. Our team work to validate and assess the compliance & protection of buildings and their occupants, as well as optimize and future-proof assets at each stage of a buildings lifecycle. We recognize the importance of data quality, timeliness of reporting and security management of the live operating environment and stakeholder interface. We have evolved our service offerings to provide solutions that allow our clients to view the whole story of their data, as one source of truth.

Hendry’s Core Competencies:

  • Building Surveying
  • Essential Safety Measures
  • Emergency Planning and Training
  • Risk Advisory & Risk Mitigation
  • Asset Management and Asset Optimisation
  • Condition assessment
  • Fire Engineering
  • Work Health and Safety

Western Australian Government issues Bulletin on Performance Solutions for Housing Projects

The Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Building and Energy have released a bulletin this month to discuss “guidance on developing performance solutions for housing projects.”

The document seeks to provide background on key considerations which Building professionals should consider in developing compliant and effective solutions and “regard the whole-of-life cost” in developing such a solution.

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Emma Hendry – The Property Council of Australia: Digital Disruption Panel

From your perspective, what is digital disruption? What do you see as the key opportunities and threats of digital disruption to your sector and business?

When we are looking at a term such as ‘digital disruption’, it is important to understand fundamentally what it is we’re talking about. We are talking of course about the digital revolution or “industry 4.0”, and I think that’s something important to fundamentally understand; we are on the precipice of witnessing this movement but it’s a series of events that are going to get us to our end result. This is a journey which is changing not only how we do business, but the ways in which we interact, live and work.

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