Industry Since the 1990 recession the building surveying profession generally has cut fees, cut services and expedited building permits without due diligence in their practice.Due to the Lacrosse fire and subsequent investigations most major building surveying consultancies will be involved with future Professional Indemnity claims, putting their existence in jeopardy. Over the years developers have instigated a 'cosy' relationship with certain major building surveying consultancies who expedite their building approvals. The impression is that building surveyors receive large fees, with some questionable compliance issues approved. Various State Authorities are now auditing a lot of individual building surveyors and companies for

Industry The Lacrosse building (Latrobe Street, Docklands) external façade caught fire and the whole building had to be evacuated. Since then all state authorities have found in aggregate hundreds of buildings with non-compliant (non-fire protection external linings) attached to new buildings. Hendry During this whole period Hendry has not issued any non-compliant building approvals. 2014

Hendry In 2012 Hendry developed a Building Risk Matrix for clients to determine their building level of compliance that allows them (with their lawyers) to determine the percentage of compliance that allows the Directors to have a defensible position if called to account legally in the event of death or injury to persons in their building. Main criteria being: Sites are audited and recommendations are compiled onto a spreadsheet which is imported into the client’s database. The site audit results are weighted under 14 keys categories, 93 elements and 2 to 5 outcomes per element. 73% of weighting has a

Hendry Hendry introduced emergency planning as a service line to ensure our consultancy offering to clients who own existing buildings could substantially see Hendry as a 'one stop shop'. 2011

Hendry In 2010 Hendry introduced 'Essential Matters' an e-newsletter covering all aspects of our client’s needs in an educational format. Today we have 60,000 subscribers nationwide, we combine marketing material and an educational article, for multiple different client categories and localities in each issue. 2010

Industry The Global Financial Crisis decimated the building industry with a corresponding affect on building surveying consultants. Hendry With Hendry previously positioning itself to service property owners and their representatives on existing buildings by our building surveyors (income and services not reliant on new buildings) and marketing heavily in essential safety measures for our building assessors, Hendry was able to survive and thrive after the GFC. 2007

Hendry In 2004 Hendry introduced educational blogs containing articles for their client base. The various blogs are Building Regulations, Building Code of Australia, Safety Measures and Emergency Planning. In 2004 Hendry pioneered (on behalf of property owners) the requirement for all maintenance service contractors maintaining essential safety measures under the regulations to sign the same Annual Statement as the building owner, nationally this has become known as the 'Specialist Maintenance Contractors Statement'. 2004

Hendry To market Hendry services Derek produced an “Essential Property Services Manual” for his clients in 1998 (to 2001). This manual enhanced Hendry’s reputation as knowledgeable and reliable in auditing buildings. The manual became known in the industry as an essential guide to understanding the regulations and achieving the required outcomes. 1998

Industry In July 1994 the Victorian Building Control Commission inserted in the building regulations requirements for all building owners/occupiers to ensure maintenance of nominated essential services occurs and an Annual Fire Safety Statement is signed each year.All states have progressed to having legislation covering mandatory requirements for essential safety measures compliance.Various states across Australia were implementing new legislation to statutorily force building owners to comply with regulations to ensure that their existing building is being maintained to the nominated standards under the regulations. Hendry Prior to 1994 Derek incorporated Essential Building Service Inspections Pty Ltd¹ and was the first company

Industry In the aftermath of the recession the building surveying profession started a "professional" spiral down by undercutting each other on fees (and services provided) which remains today. This resulted in developers and builders dictating to building surveyors their fees and the anticipated "desired results" after checking the documentation. Limitations are set on the services to be provided, the fees do not cover the building surveyor’s statutory obligations under the Act/Regulations. Hendry Hendry has not participated in providing fee proposals where fees and services are driven down to such low levels. 1993