Since the 1990 recession the building surveying profession generally has cut fees, cut services and expedited building permits without due diligence in their practice.Due to the Lacrosse fire and subsequent investigations most major building surveying consultancies will be involved with future Professional Indemnity claims, putting their existence in jeopardy.

Over the years developers have instigated a ‘cosy’ relationship with certain major building surveying consultancies who expedite their building approvals. The impression is that building surveyors receive large fees, with some questionable compliance issues approved.

Various State Authorities are now auditing a lot of individual building surveyors and companies for their ethics, statutory compliance fees and relationships.

All state Building Commissions are becoming more vigorous in their ongoing assessment of every registered building surveyor. Fines, suspensions and cancellation of a building surveyors licence is becoming more prevalent.

Various Building Commissions are forcing building surveyors to become more responsible and updating/ introducing a higher level of CPD compliance.

Professional Indemnity insurance premiums will sky rockets for those offices involved in the various current and future claims to be made.

A number of major consultancies in the future will not be able to obtain a P.I policy no matter what premium they are willing to pay.

Most building surveying consultancies will have to invest time, effort and money to ensure their business are accountable, ethical and compliant. Each office will take time to achieve their desired outcome as most specialise in building certification for the vast majority of their income.

The building surveying profession is not maintaining enough qualified building surveyors coming through the education system. With retirements and the growth in the building/property industries building surveyors will be in very short supply.

Hendry’s ‘safety measures’ competitors offer a basic service when assessing existing building compliance.

Their low fees reflect managers and staff who do not have tertiary qualifications in this area. Their websites and dashboards are well presented but the performance on site relative to time and expertise to perform inspections, experience/knowledge in checking defects is lacking and is being recognised by their client base.

Our competitors do not employ building surveyors who can advise their site auditing staff when building control queries arise. Their clients are now recognising this inadequacy. Building surveyors have shown that they do not want to work for a company that just preforms safety measure auditing. Eg. our competitors in the safety measures area.

In 2016 Hendry has introduced an Executive Building Alert to all of our top clients depicting and explaining a major issues at hand that affects them in their industry. Topics raised are varied and localised for best marketing effect.Since 1982 Hendry has never had a P.I claim where Hendry was at fault in the proceedings.

Hendry is being commissioned by legal practices to represent plaintiffs against defaulting building surveyors.

While working for Hendry no building surveyor has ever been fined, suspended or had their licence cancelled.

All Hendry offices follow each states requirements for CPD.

Hendy has an existing vigorous system in place already that meet our Directors objectives.
Hendry will capitalise on our competitors need to catch up ” professionally” by expediting our marketing and new business development opportunities in business lines other than building certification.

Hendry’s reputation draws quality applicants when we advertise

Hendry is introducing an Australia wide national building approval software program by Visual Approval. This will introduce significant cost efficiencies and record keeping abilities

Hendry has maintained a fee structure relative to our service via our systems and experienced qualified staff.

We are currently negotiating with major property owners, property managers, facility managers and government entities who have tried our competitors and have recognised that the service Hendry provides is what they need/want.

Hendry is moving to the cloud all the preparation/foundation work has been performed in the last 2 years. This will allow all operational staff to be much more efficient when working on a road trip or at home.

Hendry is organising to develop software to accommodate the service line Specialist Maintenance Contractor Monitoring/Statements. (Cost efficiency of 1.5 Staff)

Hendry is in the final stages of developing a Safety Measures dashboard to meet our client’s needs.