In 2012 Hendry developed a Building Risk Matrix for clients to determine their building level of compliance that allows them (with their lawyers) to determine the percentage of compliance that allows the Directors to have a defensible position if called to account legally in the event of death or injury to persons in their building. Main criteria being:

  • Sites are audited and recommendations are compiled onto a spreadsheet which is imported into the client’s database.
  • The site audit results are weighted under 14 keys categories, 93 elements and 2 to 5 outcomes per element.
  • 73% of weighting has a life safety/BCA/WHS focus and the remaining 27% is applying to other factors.
  • A clients target maybe 85% to achieve a legally defensible position. This is a matter of judgement as to whether it is necessary for certain sites to achieve a safe work place. For example 79% may be sufficient.
  • Each site is scored out of 100% under the weighting systems.

For a significant number of major clients when we introduced them to our building risk matrix, operational managers/directors went to budget for rolling the audits out in the future.