Safety Measures

Inspections and Auditing

Hendry’s experienced qualified auditors perform essential safety measure inspections and auditing services to comply with each state and territory building regulations. Safety measure inspections results are presented in our state based compliant logbook and cover passive and active essential safety measures if desired, and presented through our unique online system allowing you to access all your information in real time. This ensures you are always informed with your property’s statutory building legislation, AS1851 and Building Code of Australia currency.

Inspections and Auditing - Safety Measure Inspections
Safety Measure Inspections
Inspections and Auditing - Egress Inspections
Egress Inspections
Inspections and Auditing - Fire and Smoke Door Inspections
Fire + Smoke Door Inspections
Inspections and Auditing - Initial Hazard Inspections
Initial Hazard Inspections

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