Risk Matrix

Hendry have developed a unique Risk Matrix, a defensible method for the calculation of Site Risk Score and Risk Rating values.

Australia’s state building regulations, Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Workplace Health & Safety legislation are continually increasing the legal obligations and responsibility placed on building owners, landlords and tenants to provide and maintain a safe building and workplace for building occupants.

Hendry have created a Calculator and Risk Rating Tool representing a typical site where the individual BCA/WHS and general building condition items received a percentage weighting on presence and/or operation. The resultant calculator sum represents the current Site Risk Score in terms of compliance.

When the calculated Site Risk Score sum is inserted into the Site Risk Rating tool, its value automatically translates into a Risk Score Rating value, providing an immediate visual illustration of the site’s overall compliance level.

Hendry issues you a Site Risk Score Level Certificate, this provides an instant snapshot of your facility’s compliance level and inherent risk.

Hendry assist you with the necessary supporting evidence to seek the rectification works funding and operational change process for building owners, landlords and/or authorising manager/s on the state/territories statutory legislative requirements.

The unique risk matrix saves you time and money by evaluating a portfolio of assets and allowing you to prioritise funding based on the associated risk.

Risk Rating Calculator’s key index for a typical property:

  • Occupational Health & Safety

  • Built Environment Risk

  • Emergency Planning

  • Essentials Safety Measures deficiency report

  • BCA Assessments and ESM Assessments (Active and Passive)

  • Other building issues & records

  • General building maintenance and shortfalls

  • Log books

  • Statement of Classification

  • ESM Schedule

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Risk Matrix