QLD – HENDRY building certifiers advise that the Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009 contains two schedules listing referral agencies for building regulations compliance, Schedule 7 Referral agencies and their Jurisdictions and schedule 8 Special fire services and referral jurisdiction of Queensland Fire and Rescue Service for them.

Building Regulations representations to referral agencies must be handled professionally and with sufficient documentation to convince an authority of an alternative building regulations view point. HENDRY building certifiers are respected by many referral agencies because our professional approach taken when dealing with authority building regulation requirements.

Authority Negotiation: Enforcement Notices: Building Regulations

The Building Act 1975 provides power to the Local Council and building certifier to issue a Show Cause Notice or Enforcement Notice on a person. Through our authority negotiation service we are able to represent our clients’ needs in a professional expeditious manner.

Authority Negotiation: Lapsed Building Approval

Our building regulation authority negotiation service provides our clients with building certifiers experienced to negotiate with municipal building surveyors and private building certifiers to extend a building approval’s time limit.

Authority Negotiation: Certificate of Classification

HENDRY building certifiers quiet often represent clients through our building regulation authority negotiation service in obtaining a Certificate of Classification at completion of the building works, even though all the building works in the design documentation have not been completed.

Building Legislation Table

Refer to our Building Legislation table for further information on the building regulation process including the BFSR and the development permit.

Fire Safety Compliance: Fire Safety Installations

Refer to our Fire Safety Installations Identification Table for further information on individual fire safety installations and the annual occupiers statement.