QLD – HENDRY building certifiers provide clients with a Certificate of Classification (form 11) upon the completion of building works stemming from a building approval. We see the need to provide an explanation of the process in obtaining a Certificate of Classification, or an Interim Certificate of Classification as a number of stakeholders are confused or lack adequate knowledge to appreciate what is required in obtaining a Certificate of Classification from a building certifier.

Certificate of Classification : Process

The Building Act 1975 and Building Code of Australia contain the statutory provisions that guide an applicant and building certifier to successfully issue a Certificate of Classification.

Building Act 1975 – Section 102, in part states: 

Division 2       Giving of certificate

102      Obligation to give certificate of classification on inspection after

            particular events

(1)          This section applies if –

(a)          the building certifier has inspected the building and –

(i)            decided that it has been substantially completed; or

(ii)           given written consent to the occupation of part of the building before all of it has been substantially completed; or

(iii)          if the development is alterations to an existing building – decided that they have substantially completed 

The issuing of an Interim Certificate of Classification is issued by the building certifier pending the carrying out of a final inspection, when due to a building’s location, it is not practicable for a building certifier to inspect a building to decide if it has been substantially competed… more