AUST – A residential property owner requested Emergency Plan to prepare an emergency plan and evacuation diagrams for their multi-storey apartment building under AS 3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities.

Since the same owner or tenants were due to be in residence for a period of time (unlike a hotel where guests would only stay for a night or two), the appointed building surveyor (private certifier) at the time, did not specify the requirement to have an evacuation diagram attached to the inside face of each apartment door.

Hotel type buildings however, should have an evacuation diagrams behind the entrance door to each apartment (or sole occupancy unit), and the following evacuation diagrams is a typical representation of AS 3745-2010 for a multi-storey residential building.

(Note: Various symbols and indicators on evacuation signs under the BFSR and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service vary to those nominated in AS 3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities. If requested dual compliance with BFSR and AS 3745-2010, then BFSR symbols would take precedence and then followed by AS 3745-2010 for the symbols – indicators not included in the BFSR).