Hendry Group (Hendry) is an Australian owned, integrated property solutions company, that strives to use business and technology to provide property compliance services, to create safer communities for all.

Having pioneered the private building surveying certification in Australia in 1988, Hendry has since evolved and introduced a number of other specialist services and technologies. As the building surveying industry matured, so did Hendry’s desire to safeguard the general public, expanding their range of core services to include essential safety measures and emergency planning.

Hendry offer cutting edge innovation with their state-of-the-art software, which provides clients with a suite of tools that allows evaluation of compliance, costs and building conditions, to determine a legally defensible position. Each of our individual services can be commissioned; Building Surveying, Safety Measures, Emergency Planning and Work Health and Safety – which can also be offered as a holistic package.

Building Act changes affecting building owners, property professionals and contractors.

Hendry advises building owners, property professionals and contractors involved in the building and property industry to be aware of recent significant changes to the Victorian Building Act that will affect them.

These changes can place you, your company and your contractor in a vulnerable position. A contractor under the Act, is deemed to be anyone who; performs building works, alterations or rectification works, such as fire services, HVAC, electrical or general building work.

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Commissioning of Buildings under the Building Regulations.

Hendry advises building surveyors are often called upon to consider departures from codes and the building regulations after building works are complete. Unfortunately supervision during a building project is diminishing, which means designers are not supervising, or not allowed to monitor the installation of systems to their designs. This can result in untimely delays in obtaining a final sign off should faults be identified by the building surveyor.

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Recent Projects

“Brian worked with us a month out, listened very quickly. Hendry is easy to work with. Understood the tight timeframes and understood the scope of works”

Damien Caraher, Matthews and Scavalli Architects

“You provide a high standard of paperwork in the work you do. You keep in regular contact with us. We use you for more specialist work, difficult areas where we do not get much access. Hendry is very good at getting the information”

Steve Lake, Melbourne University
“Hendry is very professional in their dealings and quick to respond. Extremely satisfied with Matthew. He shows a genuine interest in my success and that of my business”
Glenn Martin, Australian Broadcast Corporation
“Really efficient, understands what the government agencies require in terms of standards”
Darren Ponton, Chevron Australia
“Matthew is a very competent certifier in the transport sector. He is open to the challenge and works with us to find a way around any issues. Although our project has had a few delays due to changes in the scope of work, Matthew has been very reasonable with a transparent open book approach”
Perry Milledge, Laing O'Rourke
“Excellent work on a highly complex project involving many changes. Communication to access properties is always a problem on our sites and Hendry took on a big responsibility to do it all themselves.”
Roger Bobbera, Department of Human Services